A few weeks before the presentation of the iPhone 6S, GeekBar, a Chinese company specializing in repair phone which we often spoke for his leak of iPhone components, reveals a new series of photos of alleged assembled future iPhone screen.


Hard to know if it really is the 6S iPhone screen, but it is presented as such. There are very few differences from the screen of the iPhone 6 current. He said that this screen embark Touch technology Force whose role is to recognize the press of the screen.

MIC Gadget also shared some photos of a prototype version of the screen of the iPhone 6S. Again, impossible to know if these pictures are genuine. The site still says that the thickness of 7.1 mm is measured against 6.9 iOS 6, 0.2 mm additional thickness needed to integrate the Touch Force.


If there is still an element of mystery about these images, we must know that we are in the perfect time where leaks are going to be relentless. And the years we have learned that most of the rumors just before the iPhone output often prove true. It must still keep a certain distance so that Apple has not formalized its iPhone 6S.(Source: Weibo, M.I.C Gadget)

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