Apple will launch a new Macbook Pro lineup on the market later this year. According to one report, the keyboard of the new Apple laptops does not require function keys. Instead of the top row of keys, the notebooks are to get a touch border based on OLED.

Leaked images surfaced showing the chassis of Apple’s upcoming model of the MacBook Pro. To see it, are cut-outs for an OLED touch strip, which will be integrated rumors of Apple. In addition, fewer connections can be seen at the edge of the case, including no MagSafe connector.

However, it lacks the top row of function keys, suggesting that there is a touch screen could be placed. Accordingly, the small second screen would take about as much space as the function keys on previous models

Last week, first appeared on the rumor that Apple would want to attach the upcoming MacBook Pro a novel OLED strip above the keyboard. But one would, however, dispense with the function keys, which are used simultaneously in parts of the service volume or media playback and other secondary functions. The new OLED strip other hand, could be used individually by software developers to, for example, prove the standard functions such as cutting or selection tools, etc. on the keys when editing images.


Now there is new evidence that Apple could implement the plan into action. An anonymous source has let the US counterparts of Cult of Mac a series of photos to get that point is equal to a number of innovations. Above the fifth row of keys no more keys are for example cut, but only space for something that could be lined with an OLED panel.


Moreover, the images on the sides of the chassis that Apple could disarm at the terminals. Accordingly users should be advised that the upcoming MacBook Pro only 4 USB ports were present, namely of type USB-C. Moreover, it seems otherwise only give the side a jack, which could be accommodated right instead of the left now. This permits the subsequent conclusion that Apple could do without the MagSafe port, be loaded on the MacBooks for several years. Instead, the power devices would be realized by means of USB-C port, as is currently already the 12 inch MacBook case. The speaker holes are located, according to the images left and right of the keyboard.

(Source: Cult of Mac)

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