GeekBar specialized in repairing Apple products, leaked some schematics of what seem to belong to the iPhone 6 to have 1GB RAM chip, nothing different from the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.

But now with the new generations of chips and good Smartphone on the market which have 2 GB RAM when comparisons there may be a difference, however, currently   1GB of RAM is still outstanding.

But now a rumor lay between networks announcing that the iPhone 6 would possibly have 2 GB RAM that with the new addition of A8 chip but now a leaked image could disprove this case.

The image above denotes that the iPhone 6 still has the same RAM and it is not surprising since the iPhone 5s still soft in their processes and as many know iOS was made for low-RAM.

Current evidence for beta iOS 8 thrown as a result is more optimized for low memory usage RAM however iOS 8 will be more open to developers which can incorporate more functions this being necessary to use more memory in processes but would have to wait as rumors still being spread around the web.

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