Rumors circulating about the iPhone 7, the most controversial is undoubtedly the lack of 3.5mm headphone port. Many other rumors circulating, as it will have a dual camera (at least one special Plus model) or that the design is almost the same as the iPhone 6 / 6s. There is also a rumor shy talking about that the next iPhone will Smart Connector. Mac Otakara, a Japanese blog that has leaked many news rightly confirm the first and last of the rumors mentioned above.

It has done so in a blog entry that is labeled as “rumor”, which makes sense when you consider that nothing is confirmed at 100% until the time of public presentation. The first thing Mac Otakara mentioned is about 3.5mm jack and confirms that it will not be present in the iPhone 7. Apple bet on Lightning or Bluetooth headphones and, according to some analyzes I have read, aims to improve the sound that currently provides your smartphone.

A rumor says EarPods Bluetooth  that Apple are loaded from the iPhone Lightning port, something that does not seem too successful unless improve the autonomy of the device. These headphones be loaded in a similar way Apple Pencil loadable to use only half an hour with connection to the iPad.

Japanese website also confirm that the iPhone 7 will come with Smart Connector and believes that will be used to accommodate the Smart Keyboard. With this connector could use other accessories such as smart covers that would be synchronized with the iPhone nothing else to put them. In any case, still you have to wait to see if this rumor is confirmed and what you plan to use this smart Apple connector at its next iPhone.

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