Leaked iPhone 7 Motherboard Show Slight Changes



After yesterday rumors about the upcoming Apple smartphone, today several images have appeared more and even a video comparing the iPhone 7 motherboard (right) with the motherboard of iPhone 6s (left). The video has marked us with a magnifying glass the differences between the two plates though at first sight and waiting for that add components, we can not ensure that these changes are very important.

Keep in mind that these base plates still missing most components. In fact, it seems that the only thing that is complete, the absence of protection, is the SIM card reader. In these plates they have to mount things like the processor, RAM and storage memory.

Where did we see that there will be differences is in the camera and sensors. The holes are not in the same place of the horizontal part suggests that the camera used this motherboard will have a different size.

iPhone-7-plate 1iPhone-7-plate2


According to the leaks, one of the sensors in the front of the iPhone 7 will be displaced and, instead of being left hole over the earpiece, the new sensor is on the right.

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