Leaked iPhone 7 Photos Shows Display Backlight Internal Layout



Leaked pictures and such things start happening so prior to the launch of a new iPhone. Worst of all is that many times it right, and we see almost entire device before it is presented in Cupertino. That is why today we must inform and bring back news. Here is a supposed iPhone screen 7 that have leaked some pictures and left us many developments.

The leaked photos by Taiwanese website called AppleClub show a series of details of the iPhone screen 7. The screen is quite similar to the iPhone 6s, but there are some details that are key such as components that make it work the same. When comparing this new panel with the supposedly old device we can see that the flex cables and 3D chip Touch have been moved to another part of the screen. However, as we might think that this panel is intended for iPhone device 6c, in case that let the 3D Touch chip and its movement.

However, the chip is present, and that is why we place so mainly as iPhone backlight panel 7. However this is not the first or the last rumor about it. The strongest of the rumors is that the iPhone 6c have 2 GB of RAM and the iPhone in July permanently removed the headphone jack of 3.5 mm. However, perhaps most shocking is that the iPhone 7 Plus could be accompanied by a new range of 256 GB and a powerful battery of 3100 mAh.

(Source: Apple.club.tw [Google Translate])

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