Leaked iPhone 8 Photo And Video Show 3D Sensing Camera Module, Touch ID Sensor In Apple Logo



This new iPhone 8 leak comes from the same source that leaked the alleged assembly of the iPhone 8 screen. This time leak corresponds to the possible 3D sensing camera module that the iPhone 8 would implement in its FaceTime camera.

As usual, this type of leaks is not guarantee, since this piece could belong to any other device or even be a model of the piece itself. The only thing you can trust at this point is that the mass production of the new iPhone 8 has a multitude of companies involved in the process, so it is not surprising that components start to leak, since it is practically impossible for Apple to exercise absolute control over each and every one of the companies involved in the supply chain.

The new iPhone 8 is expected to have cameras with 3D capabilities, both on the front and back. These 3D capabilities will be used by the dual rear camera module for the execution of applications related to augmented reality, while the 3D front module will use infrared to perform a facial recognition that will serve as a method of unlocking the terminal itself.

This technology focused on the security of our iPhone could be implemented and even improved on Android terminals thanks to the work that Qualcomm will perform with its processors, at least so has affirmed the leading company in mobile microprocessors, because if to a styou read the statement coming From KGI Securities, Qualcomm would not be able to carry out this process at least in the coming year, so it would grant apple devices 2 years ahead of Android smartphones.

Hopefully, this facial recognition will be as effective and fast as rumors say, otherwise the launch and new features of the iPhone 8 would be tarnished by the absence of the Touch ID, technology already established in the market and that the Users value very positively.

The rumors contradict each other, without going further in this article, watch below, the possibility of an iPhone with Touch ID in the back according to a new leaked video.

(Source: Slashleaks)

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