Leaked photo of the 4-Inch iPhone 5se next to iPhone 5



New information about the 4-inch iPhone 4 emerges once more. First it was known as the next smallest iPhone 6c, but said a Chinese carrier called it the iPhone 7c and would arrive in April, something unlikely if we consider that the first iPhone renumbered due to its arrival in September. The latest rumor, which comes from Mark Gurman says that iPhone 5SE will arrive in March.

This week also saw a video that showed us an iPhone 4-inch gold, but could not confirm its veracity. This weekend has appeared a new image of an iPhone the size of an iPhone 5, but with iPhone design 6. On this occasion is not a video, but a photo, which have above these lines. Also, something that ensures all the rumors and information analysts, this would 5SE iPhone Touch ID, otherwise it would be disappointing.

One More Thing(  [Google Translate]) provided the leaked image of the 4-inch iPhone, a medium that has already leaked Apple devices successfully with great success rate, as was the case of the iPad Air 2 less than two years now something. If the image is real, the design would be exactly like the iPhone 6. When the first two iPhones were launched larger size, the position of the sleep button was modified, something we all thought it made sense because it is easier to access him in the new size. Admittedly, you have to get used to his position, especially for a picture by pressing the volume button.

On what hardware will bring the iPhone, no one agrees. Touch is expected to accompany you ID an NFC chip to make payments with apple pay, but other components are in the air. For example, the main chamber is believed to be 8 megapixels, but it is unknown if it will be like the iPhone 5s or as the 6. The processor is one of the components that analysts do not agree, ensuring some that use the A9 and others who use the care that the iPhone 6. Most rumors say that have 1GB of RAM, but nobody dares to rule out use the same 2G RAM already using iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus. As if that match is almost all that will have 3D screen Touch. In any case, we have the second image of a 4-inch iPhone redesign. If it is real or not we will only know within at least two months.

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