Leaked Photo showed iPhone 7 antenna band



The alleged leaks show that the iPhone 7 will come sooner than expected.  Just a few days left for Apple to launch the new iPhone 5SE, at least that’s what we all hope, machinery leaks about iPhone 7 should arrive next September is more active than ever.

Recently, there have seen pictures purportedly showing the housing, the camera and even the front panel of the iPhone 7, but is more than likely that at least the latter case is a fake. Today we again reach the turn to the back of the iPhone in July.

In the picture above, you can see what is supposed to be an iPhone 7 casing in Foxconn factory. They draw attention to two things: the first is that the lines are not so on edge as the alleged previous filtration and the other is the absence of holes. In any case, we can not know whether we are seeing the upper back or lower back of the device. In both cases we should see a hole, although the bottom would barely.

The new antenna design also draws attention only have a band. We recall that both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s have a straight line that goes from edge to edge of the iPhone and a curve that is perhaps the least like current models.

It is likely that what we’re seeing in the picture above is a mockup. As in any manufacturing process to adjust machines such models are used to not waste real devices. It is possible that these are the models that use Foxconn to start adjusting the machines that manufacture the iPhone 7 and, if so, should not be necessary that these shells had holes that will have the final design. Moreover, we have to stop being skeptical and evaluate the possibility that this picture is a fake.

Source: CNBeta

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