Leaked Photo Shows Facebook Working On Messenger App For Mac



Facebook is possibly developing an official Messenger app for Mac OS X, this is good news for Apple users as, they are forced to use a browser or a third-party application to have conversations with contacts.  The company also expands and want to access all devices that can support their services. To maintain control of both the security of accounts and the content they see its users, the social network has a large number of official applications simultaneously for different operating systems.

Facebook relies heavily on all areas of your messaging application called Facebook Messenger, that’s no secret, especially when “forced” us to install the application messaging in our iOS devices without our consent, and that no other way to use Facebook chat if it was not. The latest leak drops in a photograph that Facebook is now working on porting the application of Facebook Messenger desktop system to our native and officially, initially for Mac OS though no doubt also come to Windows 10.

This photograph reveals a Facebook employee running an instant messaging application with the interface of Facebook Messenger, so far so good if it was not because the application is not being executed on your mobile device, but in a MacBook, which natively and officer had not yet seen, in fact we had not heard absolutely nothing about it, but Facebook works hard in software, and is making it quite clear recently with its avalanche of news and updates. How could it be otherwise, the picture above the article and source of this assumption is blurred. We do not know why, but despite that companies improve with each new device cameras, photographs leaks always end up being extremely blurry, low quality, coincidence?

The application is somewhat similar to the version of iOS, as well as the logo of Facebook Messenger and basic icons of the same application. Undoubtedly, the official implementation of Messenger for Mac OS would be interesting. It will not be the first to include their official version of desktop application. (source: TechCrunch)

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