Nowadays, however, the Chinese must also anticipate any surprise from Apple with a leak of what is believed to be the new MacBook Air. We can see by looking at the images that the back is reminiscent of an iPad, especially if you take a closer look to black Apple logo.

Fresh photos from the Far East to show the new MacBook Air (2015) with 12 inches, or more precisely, the high values display unit. Is this a Retina display, or the MacBook Air is more equipped 12-inch with a traditional, non-HiDPI resolution? In direct comparison with the iPad is at least very good to see that we can expect the 12 inch definitely.

In the picture with the finger print coated display, we can also seen some similarity to MacBook Air 2015insider’ rumors; the screen actually comes with a minimum screen and plenty of space.

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According to iFanR (a Chinese Apple Blog) the otherwise translucent, glowing logo was replaced with that known from the iPad version, because the unit would have been too thick. I think that this works, however, little logic is rather a possible introduction of a new and uniform designs between iDevices and the larger Mac OS.(via  iFanr [Google Translate])

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