The current trend of mobile device manufacturers, as well as the interest of users, is focused on offering larger screens in the same size as the current terminals. Currently Samsung offers the S8 and S8 + with a screen with rounded edges and with very small upper and lower edges, which has forced the Korean company to place the fingerprint sensor in the back, which has earned a great Number of reviews, but it was the only place where you could place it to work properly. As he points out, Apple’s next star device, the iPhone 8, will also move the fingerprint sensor to the back of it.

The first rumors about this possibility became public in the month of April and many have been the users who affirm that they would not accept a change of design so important, although finally if they will buy it. Today we echo some new images that seem to have come off the production line where we can see how the fingerprint sensor would be located on the back of the device, just below the apple logo.


The images that Sneakleaks has published show us the back frame of the next iPhone model with the fingerprint sensor located just below the Apple logo, an idea very similar to that we could see in April, however rumors related to this Possibility was very contradictory. In the same image we can also see how the cameras would be located one on top of the other, another of the rumors that has circulated a few weeks and that like the fingerprint sensor, will remain an unknown until the date approaches.

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