Leaked Renderings Provides Insights On The Design And Size Of The iPhone 6



Lately in the web,  surfaced images relating to the upcoming iPhone 6 , which is expected to debut in the coming months . Another courtesy Chinese service users WeiFeng, where some renderings of the alleged next-gen Apple smartphone, resulting in ” a reliable and trusted ” source were published.


Based on the CAD- driven model , iPhone next generation has indeed screen with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, at least in one of the versions . As for the button “Home” , it is in its usual place , and has not changed . Power button, in turn, shifted on the side face of the device.


The case itself is still made ​​in the unibody- design, but in appearance is more akin to player iPod touch, including the rounded edges. Areas at the top and bottom of the rear panel is now metal . Length iPhone 6 , according to the source , is 138 mm , width – 67 mm . That is, the phone will increase in length compared to the current flagship of half an inch wider and become almost an inch .


In the schemes given thickness of the device . If the information is true , the next-gen iPhone will be 5.96 mm, while the same thickness as the iPhone 5s for comparison – 7.6 mm. That is smart “lose weight ” on 1.6 mm. Chinese new phone models , photos of which are well represented on the web, have a thickness of 7.0 mm .

iPhone-6-prot-new-3 iPhone-6-prot-new-6

Currently, sources say that Apple will unveil two versions of iPhone 6 with 4.7 – and 5.5 -inch display. According to Economic Daily News, Apple revised timing of the iPhone 6 release and decided to introduce the device in the last month of Summer.

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