136GeekBar was posted new components that shows a table and circuit diagram of what belongs to the iPhone 6. From this circuit diagram, there is a  possibility that Apple might offer 128GB model to the iPhone 6 line.

In the provided table, there is a description of the NAND flash module 16GB of SK Hynix and Toshiba, 64GB, 128GB of, but there is no description of the 32GB. The reason is unknown.

It coincides with earlier rumors earlier, capacity of 128GB is to be added to the models only 5.5 inches, 64GB and 32GB, 5.5-inch becomes 32GB, 64GB, the 128GB, capacity options of 4.7 inches is obsolete model of 16GB it had been predicted.

237The released GeekBar information is different this time, the possibility that Apple is trying to provide users with a fourth model of 128GB has been suggested.

capacity of 128GB When was added to the iOS device when upgrading in 2013,  the first half of the fourth-generation iPad is the first. After that, it was also added to the Retina version of iPad mini and iPad Air in October 2013, but iPhone and iPod touch don’t have this option yet.

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