How To Put Your iPhone Device Into DFU Mode



A lot of iPhone users ask how to put their device into DFU mode. Well, before we provide you some idea about it, let us explain what DFU mode actually means. DFU is the abbreviation of Device Firmware Update; it is a state in which your iPhone will be able to interact with iTunes however it will not load the device boot loader or operating system. The prime reason to put any device on DFU mode is to change or update the firmware on the device. Now, let us explain how to access Device Firmware Update mode on your iPhone.

  • Connect the device to your computer and initiate iTunes
  • Turn off the device by pressing down the power button
  • Hold down the power/sleep button and also the home button simultaneously for precisely 10 seconds and then remove your finger from the power button
  • Do not remove your finger from the Home button; keep pressing it until a message shows up in iTunes. The message will say that your device is now in recover mode and it has been detected
  • Once the device enters into DFU mode, the screen will go black

It is important to know that black screen does not mean your iPhone cannot be interface with iTunes. In fact, it can even interface with a custom firmware client for the purpose of jailbreaking. Now, in order to get out of DFU mode, all you need to do is press down the Sleep/Power and Home buttons while your device is connected to iTunes. 

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