How To Get Your iPhone Out From Recovery Mode



When a software failure happens on your iPhone, the gadget gets into fallback mode named ‘recovery mode’. You can see USB connector graphic and an icon of iTunes on your screen denoting the recovery mode. You cannot use your iPhone in this mode; hence it is necessary to come out of the recovery mode.

Follow the below mentioned steps to get your iPhone out from recovery mode.

  1. You need to hold 2 buttons for at least 15 seconds in order to turn off the device, the buttons are
  2. Home (on front side) and Sleep/wake (top side of iPhone).
  3. If the device has not come to recovery mode, again press sleep/wake button.
  4. Turn iTunes on and connect your iPhone and computer. iTunes shall detect that iPhone is in recovery mode, then press OK.
  5. Click on left side of iTunes window and hit the tab named ‘summary’. You can see this tab on right hand side of window in case you cannot find it on the top side.
  6. Select ‘restore’ button. Sometimes, iTunes provides an option of ‘Back up’; you can select that to save all your information. However, if the device is into recovery mode, you cannot see this notification.
  7. To come out of the recovery mode, you are required to click on the restore button for confirmation. This step would take few minutes for completion.
  8. Hit the OK for settings and transferring the data into your iPhone. Your recovery is hence complete.

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