LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: The universe is in danger out now for iOS



Warner Bros. has released a mobile version of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: a third-person action in LEGO-style super-heroes of the universe Marvel adventure. The game will be like the Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine and many other famous characters studio.

Only LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, you can find about a hundred playable characters, each with their own abilities and often multiple-choice image. As usual, the story campaign opens only a small part of them, and the rest of the characters will have to be unlocked, performing an optional assignment during freestyle sightseeing. For example, Captain Britain marking sad at the crossroads, grieving the loss of his “absolutely British” car, and Blade can not wait when someone agrees to drive with him.

Recreating the universe in your favorite designer, developers, like so many times before, heart filled with humor, jokes and positive. Antics of the characters, their bickering and jokes, funny situations they find themselves in, from all this smile that comes easily and naturally. Especially fun banter on Spider-Man, who constantly complains about the heroes on their hard life, saying that he does not have time to wash the dishes, make the lessons and take a walk with a girl. Generally, barely has drawn already looking expect what will happen next, who will be next, where else we buried pursuit of blocks … Addictive.

Overall LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is committed to the series. This fun arcade game that will be interesting in the first place not only to children but also fans of Marvel superheroes . If you do not get hung up on the monotonous gameplay, and just enjoy the view daring amusing little  men in plastic, the fun is guaranteed.

Download  LEGO Marvel Super Heroes from the Apple Store [link]

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