lego star wars

All adventure in the universe of “Star Wars ” – from the first episode ” The Phantom Menace ” to the sixth ” Return of the Jedi ” in the world of LEGO now available on the mobile platform and Apple. Positive and negative characters here got their own unique abilities .

Surprisingly, developers LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga managed the impossible : make the characters alive. Of course, this helps a lot of the original masterpiece , but every movie in the game is also a mini- masterpiece. Heroes are not talking, explaining exceptionally lively gestures and facial expressions . Emotionally waving hands figurine LEGO – this in itself is funny. Especially if that figure , say, Yoda . Otherwise interesting – the game to the fullest advantage of the fact that all around – Designer .

The very same simple gameplay almost as an instruction to the tea bag : run, shoot / brandishes a lightsaber (depending on whom we play ) , periodically jump and use the Force on all sorts of things around. However, it was not without a whole bunch of nice little things , and some of the characters special abilities . Brave Dyad C-3PO and R2-D2 without problems mastered breaking doors, and peeping over her representative also horizontal flight . Double jump Jar Jar can only envy . However, all three of them do not know how to fight, but let it better deal more savvy in such matters partners.

Following the success of previous editions of the series LEGO Star Wars, the game gives you the chance to relive the events of all six parts of the film . Just The Complete Saga has 36 missions, each of which tells a certain part of the picture . Events in the game starting with “negotiations” with the Trade Federation , Obi- Wan Kenobi and Qui -Gon Jinn from ” The Phantom Menace ” and end with the space battle above Endor in ” Return of the Jedi .” The first episode of walking free, the remaining five will have to pay . The game is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for iOS is available for free in the App Store

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