The next Lenovo’s Z5 could be the first smartphone to have nothing outside the display in the front, at least according to the first images leaked on the web.

There are several Android device signatures that we saw at this year’s Mobile World Congress that dared to directly copy Apple’s new iPhone X, companies such as Huawei, LG or other Chinese brands have the design of the iPhone X, but to date we had not seen significant improvements beyond a “smaller notch” or a frame really inferior to that of the iPhone X …

This time the Asian Lenovo seems to have launched into the pool and shows us the Lenovo Z5 with a screen ratio of 95%. This is undoubtedly something spectacular that we have to see really finished and presented, since offering all the front screen like this model of Lenovo, is not simple task.

This makes us think that this new Lenovo Z5 is not quite as spectacular as explained by the president of the company, who announced it but there are no details or real specifications of the device. It is possible that many of those present come to mind what happened with the Xiaomi Mi Mix and its initial renders in which it seemed to have no frames on the screen, then the reality is that it was not as spectacular as it seemed.

The million-dollar question is how to solve the problem of adding the proximity sensors or the front camera of the new Lenovo model, which although it may be at the bottom, does not seem like the best location for it. But all this is what the company will have to reveal to us during the next month, which is supposed to be the moment in which this terminal has to be presented with such a high screen ratio.

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