Leonid meteor shower visibility might be hindered by clouds will and peak the morning of November 17, 2009


The Leonid Meteor Shower can be viewed from November 13-20, 2009 but the peak will be early tomorrow morning, November 17, 2009. The most activity will occur and best hours to view t
he Leonid Meteor Shower will be after 1:30 am EST and before sunrise.

This year, the view may be even better because the moon will not be visible from Earth (it will be darker) and will be in a new moon phase during the peak, and the meteors should be easier to see. According to NASA, every hour 20-30 meteors should be visible during the peak time (1:30 am EST until dawn). Asia should be able to see the most activity at 200-300 meteors per hour NASA has stated, but other astronomers have predicted that it could be as high as 500 an hour during the peak."The professionals don't think it's going to be a storm, which would have to be over 1,000 (meteors) per hour, but still a 100 an hour is certainly possible," Kirkwood said.

That is the case generally speaking, but in North America, this MSNBC story suggests we'll see more like a dozen an hour.

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