iPhone homeowners expect the largest announcement of the yr day after today at 10:00 am pacific time. After 15 months we eventually get the brand new iPhone (s). After all you don’t want to omit! We will be able to make you immediately on Oct. 4th  are aware about the bulletins, even supposing you aren’t presently sitting on the pc. Along with One Extra Factor, we offer a reside video circulation, which we remark concerning the data and bulletins.



If something new to report, read it on our Twitter account @ iHelplounge (on your iPhone to follow).

Can I use a live broadcast from the floor look?

In recent years, Apple has only twice a live video stream from the audience offered. All other times you had to rely on live blogs from the audience. The video capture came only a few hours later, available on the Apple website. This time there will be no official livestream from the Chamber. Perhaps there are bloggers who are trying to Qik or Ustream via a video stream to broadcast, but the quality will not be optimal. The fastest way to be aware, is to follow the live blogs from the audience.

Live Blogs are for example be found at:

There are also websites that promise to live blog, but do not sit in the room. It makes no sense for these sites to follow..On iHelplounge ,we therefore do not live blog, but on Twitter.  During the keynote there will be articles posted on the website, where the announcements in a readable and summarized.

Where I can see images?

Apple is about two to three hours after the keynote, a Quicktime video available, so afterwards you can see the entire presentation, with everything that has been announced.

During the keynote, I can still go on iHelplounge?

Our home page will be the keynote during the video stream ihelplounge can be seen. Depending on the traffic on the site we will take steps to prevent server overload. If necessary we switch to a ‘bare’ home page where you can read the news.  It is possible that reactions to the articles initially closed. When the server load permits, we will reply again opened. You can now simply react to the forum, also recently published news stories.

Do you have a live blog?

We announce all important news via our Twitter account @ iPhone_Tweaks. We decided, as previous occasions not to live blog. This has a number of reasons:

  • Because we do not sit in the hall, would keep a live blog that mean we simply live the messages of other blogs on tap. It adds little, because the reader just as well the U.S. can follow live blogs.
  • Not everyone is wondering what jersey Scott Forstall on stage wearing what developers and he has invited for a demonstration. A live blog provides a lot of senseless facts on which many people are simply not waiting. Moreover, such an indication of important and unimportant facts confusing rather quickly.

we are just the highlights and important announcements will communicate. The editors will provide all notices as soon as summarized in a series of concise and readable articles.

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