LG has presumably launched the manufacturing of latest and thinner smartphone iPhone 5 displays. LG show chief government Han Sang-beom introduced the mass manufacturing of the show panel has begun, Reuters reported. These new displays are probably will be used in the new iPhone, which would be sold in a month.

Rumors already point to a thinner iPhone screen: using in-cell technology, could be integrated LED display with touch sensors.

“Sources have told Reuters that the panels for the new iPhone will be 4 inches corner to corner — 30 percent bigger than current iPhones.The iPhone screens will also be thinner than previous versions with the use of so-called in-cell panels. The new technology embeds touch sensors into the liquid crystal display, eliminating the touch-screen layer found in current iPhones.”

Early July Topeka Capital Markets analyst firm concluded that the new iPhone might get a thinner screen. The sale of ordinary touchscreens would be much lower than normal, which could mean that Apple goes to an alternative. Several rumors pointed out in the meantime that Apple in-cell technology will use a thinner screen. Apple recently received a patent that describes exactly this technology.

If the thinner displays for the new iPhone is designed, LG is probably to deliver in a month before the iPhone is sold with the started production. Several rumors suggest that Apple is organizing an event on September 12, when the new iPhone will be revealed. The iPhone would be sold in late September or early October.


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