lg-g7-thinq-2LG has just officially presented its new flagship, the LG G7 Thin Q, a smartphone that initially did not have to have reached the market until next year.  If we ignored the statements made by the LG chief at CES held in the beginning of the year in Las Vegas.

Some Android manufacturers that have adopted with open arms and without any justification, the notch that Apple introduced in the iPhone X.  A notch that has become a trend within the Android world, where the only manufacturer that has not yet opted to implement it has been the Korean firm Samsung.

The head of the mobile division of LG, Jeong-hwan, has made a statement to The Korea Times, shortly after officially presenting the new flagship of LG, statement in which he states that “they had planned the design with notch before than Apple. ” The new LG terminal follows the same trend as the other Android manufacturers throughout this year, but with a large number of features that we can not find in other manufacturers.

The limit responsible for the mobile division of LG, Jeong-hwan, has made a statement to the air The Korea Times, shortly after officially awarding the latest LG logo ship, statement in which it states that “they had planned the planning with notch previously that Apple “· The most recent terminal of LG follows the same propensity that the rest of creators Android to the extensive of this year, although with a greater agent of commitments that we can not discover in other creators ·

LG is the only company that so far talked about the adoption of the notch in its latest models, something that has not expired the other creators of the place · If we keep in mind that it was not really Apple who was the first to develop a phone with notch, but it was the Essential Phone, Andy Rubin company, we could argue that, LG is copying from them not the iPhone X ·

By looking at the market trend, Google has already added help for the notch that the creators have begun to adopt, although it will not even be that Android P arrives at the market, in the time that they will be able to use it in a native way, free to resort to the layers of Editing added by the creators to be able to avoid the notch, located just where the time is displayed on Android·

(Source: The Korea Herald)

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