LG Display To Join Samsung As An Apple OLED Supplier For iPhone


lg-oled-screenThe Korean company LG will soon deliver OLED screens for one of the new iPhones of 2018, according to sources from China. This could possibly have consequences for the price of screens and devices.

senior principal analyst at South China Morning Post mentioned:

Securing a second supplier for OLED screens is crucial for Apple as it will allow the company to reduce its reliance on Samsung, which is currently the sole supplier.  At the same time, it will help accelerate a broad adoption of OLED screens. More suppliers means more volume, and in turn, lower pricing.

Since the end of last year, Apple started making more iPhones with LCD screens. The iPhone X is currently the only device with an OLED screen, but this will change at the end of this year. Apple comes with the successor of the iPhone X and a larger iPhone X Plus. The current OLED screens for the iPhone X have all been produced by Samsung and Apple has been working on closing a deal with LG for months, so they are less dependent. According to the South China Morning Post, LG is now ready to deliver two to four million OLED screens.

In January there were already talk about 6.5-inch OLED screens from LG, but later in April showed that LG had problems with OLED production. It seemed that Apple was longer stuck to Samsung, but now there seems to be a shot in the case. Apple will soon conclude a deal with LG according to the sources.

LG can deliver around two to four million copies for the iPhone X Plus. LG would prefer to be the only producer of these large screens, but they probably will not be able to save it. In addition, the screens still have to be approved, which is likely to happen in early July.

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