LG has just introduced the LG G5, added various accessories to improve the performance.

The new smartphone LG Star brings first a metal design that Korean is to put the design level of its competitors. But beyond design, the LG G5 brings some pretty curious developments which place it as one of the most modern and innovative of recent times smartphones. These are our first impressions of the G5 at the event in Barcelona.


The new LG G5 allows us to expand the capabilities of the camera that integrates the device and the speakers that incorporates a camera with a professional-services (relatively speaking) and choose to add signature speakers B & O. To add different modules, we have to slide the tab vessels which are in the lower back ‘device.


After removing the module, you can start adding the LG Friends, as called signature. The LG CAM Plus, module converts our device is a professional camera. The LG Hi-Hi Plus module allows us to enjoy the music of this device with the quality offered by the firm Bang & Olufsen (B & O). The idea is not bad, but it is still too green, as these modules increase the size of the device quite unlike Google project.


As for the specifications of the device, the LG G5 has a 5.3-inch screen, USB-C connection and fast loading. Inside are the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB of RAM will manage the screen resolution QualHD. As for the battery, the LG encontamos G5 offers 2,800 mAh battery using the modules can extend smoothly. From the outside of the device, the front camera is 5 megapixels while the rear (expandable via modules) is 16 megapixels.

LG G5 – Performance

LG G5 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM. In the few minutes we spent in Barcelona with terminal could not test its performance as it should, but there was no problem lags or shutdowns. We expand this section in our final analysis.

LG G5 – Audio

The LG G5 brings a speaker on the bottom edge of the terminal next to the USB Type C. Again, this section could not taste so quickly and I would urge you to read our final review within weeks.

LG brought the best camera 2015 with its LG G4. This year the Korean returns to bet on surprise and brings two rear cameras, lens and 16MP 78 degrees and over 135 degrees 8MP. This feature is not available on any other smartphone in the market. The front camera is of 8MP. Brings back the laser focus and LED flash.

LG G5 – Availability and Pricing

The LG G5 will be available in a single version of 32 GB of internal memory with microSD up to 2 TB. It will be available in gold, titanium, pink and black. The price have not yet been confirmed, nor his departure but is expected to hit stores in early April.
The G5 has completely redesigned its interface and has not given up its signs (microSD, removable battery). The only detail that does not convince me is the reduction of the battery, but will have to see if it shows in the final analysis. For now, I declare my crush on the new G5, waiting to see if the relationship is consolidated in the coming weeks.. What we do know is that it will reach the market next June.

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