LG Life band Touch and LG Heart Rate Earphones officially introduced



With the live band Touch and the Heart Rate Earphones LG has exhibited at CES its wearable products . Today, finally , the two gadgets were officially introduced for the U.S. market .

LG Life band Touch and LG Heart Rate Earphones officially presented. It’s not very long ago, an Apple hoax making the rounds in which it came to EarPods with which you can measure your heart rate . The number was as said than duck out , as we now know . A little longer but it is already since we already personally could take a close look exactly such Earphones : LG showed his heart rate Earphones namely earlier this year in Las Vegas at CES , along with the fitness wristband called LifeBand touch.

Now – almost exactly four months later – LG announces the two Wearables officially for the U.S. market . In the next week , specifically on May 18 , the two parts should be available.

LG-Lifeband-Touch-Activity-Tracker-image-001The live band Touch can pretty much exactly what you would expect from a fitness tracker. It monitors your sports activities , will track calories, count your steps , etc. It is connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android smartphone, where you have control over the bracelet thanks to the appropriate app . Logically, you can see on the bracelet is not only your fitness capabilities, but will also be informed of calls on the smartphone can , control your music and much more.

LG-Heart-Rate-Earphones-image-001The Heart Rate Earphones on the other hand are designed to measure your pulse and monitored. Logically, you can hear about the parts and music, for example, trained while her . Prices LG called in its press release yet, but after all the official specs are listed. After that you can then again raise our video from January , where we have made both devices at the booth of LG identify :

LifeBand Touch Specifications :

Display : 0.9 – inch OLED (128 x 32 )
Battery : 90mAh
Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.0
Band length : 196mm (XL) / 181mm (L) / 166mm (M)
Weight : 53.1g (XL) / 50.1g (L) / 49.9g (M)

Heart rate Earphones Specifications :

Battery : 200mAh
Connectivity : Bluetooth 3.0
Size: 46 x 33 x 17mm
Weight : 26.7g ( Earphones ) / 18g ( Medallion )
Others: Hands Free Call , Voice Assistance

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