LG’s OLED displays for the next Apple TV?


Already talked about for years, the following Apple TV. The web page&#a hundred and sixty;Smarthouse ,  holds the information has never been a boom in the world of Apple rumors; information are to be taken with tongs. We learned today is that Apple could put its future in television – we call them iTV  - OLED displays from LG. Brand is not limited to Apple because the team already monitors our iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4.


To date, it is said that this would be a screen of 55 "which could deliver music, movies and series through an Internet connection. So what makes Apple TV already the case today, except this time, television was in the program.

While some are puzzled, others really rely on the output of this new product. Especially as LG said on Friday that the brand will launch "a limited series of OLED TVs in 2012." The future will prove us right.

On the other hand, we know now that the war started between Apple and Samsung, a dark history of patents on the iPhone . Samsung already produces the screens of iPhones Retina 4, the iPad but also displays the iMac, and seems to be also up to produce a new 55-inch slab designed for TV. Other sources refer to discussions between LG Display (which produces the screens of the Mac) on the possibility of having access to a new 55-inch OLED panel always intended for the Apple TV, which will aim to integrate the Apple expe
rience on our televisions.

OLED technology is expected by many aficionados of the image as filling gaps in current technologies, however, the big black spot on this technology is its price and its manufacturing cost … Apple used to offer products more expensive than the competition succeed Does it bring to market a TV that could draw a crowd?

The price difference with other TVs will be a key, probably much more important than a tablet, and the product will bring something more than the current TV

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