Lightning Connector contains TI chip for Security and CRC



The new iPhone 5 Lightning connector is undoubtedly a clever piece of technology, though many users are not too happy with the change, given that all the old 30-pin accessories no longer work without an adapter. Although a different cable can’t be detected due to  a chip in which the connector is to be found,  Lightning sees only the 8-pins that can be dynamically controlled, this means that the function of each pin is different for each role.


In addition to these dynamic features, Apple also created an authentication chip in the cable processing, this chip communicates with your iPhone 5 to make sure that it is an Apple licensed cable, and not a cheap imitation. Yet it seems that this security chip is already cracked by a Chinese company that says very soon, they will be supplying cables for iDevices that are equipped with a Lightning connector.

To find out about how these chips Chip Work,  take look at one of the Apple Lightning cables. This cable has a chip from Texas Instruments and the company expects that this chip is responsible for authentication with the iOS device. Although BQ2025 chip is not documented by Texas Instrument, there are a number of other chips that show many similarities with the chip in the Lightning cable. The company also says that it is the first time that a communication chip with some simple security functions is found in a cable. The security should not be compared with those of the current printer cartridges, but has the authentication process resembles the way printer manufacturers secure their printers and cartridges.

TI Chip

That is most definitely finished to the fee of the cable as little as conceivable, and for the reason that firm already is aware of from expertise that Apple customers nonetheless desire to purchase merchandise on the Apple Retailer. Sadly, many customers are at the moment nonetheless disenchanted to the truth that Apple does no longer permit different producers to make more cost-effective cables and equipment. These producers at present nonetheless ready for approval from Apple, all manufacturing services to be developed in compliance with the necessities of the Apple Made for iPad / iPhone / iPod (MFI) software.

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