Do not buy third-party Lightning connectors



Some time ago, we received some information that Apple has decided to protect themselves from losses related to the sale of unnamed manufacturers cheap Lightning cables. At that time it was nothing more than a rumor, but today there is official confirmation that the purchase cheap analog cable Lightning for iPhone 5 is like throwing money away.

The thing is that Apple decided to implement this seemingly simple accessory new chip, which will serve as a guarantee for the only original cables Lightning.

One of the employees of the company Double Helix Cables decided to study the filling cable Lightning and was surprised to see that Apple has provided a chip developed by Texas Instruments, in the way of contact V + USB connector to one of the power contacts Lightning. It can be assumed that the iPhone like “check” the presence of the chip when connecting the cable, so that a third-party accessory manufacturers who do not want to license the technology from Apple, will have to stay outside the market.


Based on the foregoing, we conclude that it is not worth buying inexpensive cables manufactured by other companies. And they have already appeared on the market. It should be noted that the cable Apple has sold only as of today and it costs $19. It takes time to understand  how the cable is engineers.

Double Helix Cables consultant mentioned you could now not do analog Lightning, if you happen to simply reproduction the wiring diagram and appear, you wish to comprehend what’s throughout the chip

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