Limera1n Can Jailbreak Apple TV 2G!!


In addition to all of the publications that we launched the day prior to this on jailbreak with Limera1n to iDevices: iPad,iPod Contact and iPhone, lately rumored that Limera1n can jailbreak the 2G Apple TV.


According to rumor, has been confirmed that Limera1n jailbreak works on the ATV2, but has no access to any root level, so you can not access any of the activities after the jailbreak. As Erica Sadun has expressed in the Unofficial Apple Weblog, GeoHot said that "the jailbreak the Apple TV is technically supported", besides which she confirms that put his ATV2 DFU mode and might make you jailbreak. But that was not installed as services AFC, OpenSSH, or APT, there is really nothing you can do right now.

To put your Apple TV 2G DFU mode you connect to the computer, then press the menu button together with the "Down. " After 7 seconds or so, this will reset your iDevice.

When your 2G Apple TV do the reboot, press the Menu, with the button Playuntil you receive the prompts from iTunes stating "Apple TV detected in recovery mode. " This means your 2G Apple TV is in DFU mode, so you can download Limera1n and press "Make it ra1n"to run on your Apple TV 2G.

Note: Please note that this jailbreak has not been officially tested and that this publication is based on hearsay, so these guides are purely informative. Consequently, not responsible for any damages or losses that may be caused to your property for the use thereof. Any move you make using these instructions is done at your own risk.

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