Lingual: Translates Over 35 Languages Using Siri


The iPhone 4S is now almost a week jailbroken , jailbreak developers making more and more interesting features to keep adding Siri. One of these additions Lingual, which enables Siri as a translation service to use. Siri by asking a particular word or phrase to translate into a language, you get the answer in the picture.


Lingual translates to over 30 different languages ​​including Dutch, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Greek and Swedish. It seems inevitable that you alone can translate English words into Dutch and not the other way: the English version of Siri is not able, for example, Dutch or Greek words to pick.

Lingual is an extension for the jailbreak tweak assistant extensions , a framework for developers to take their own additions to Siri to offer. Assistant extensions has also added a few of your own capabilities, including the option to launch apps with Siri or the settings of your iPhone to change.

Lingual is available free in the Cydia Store. To use the extension, you do the jailbreak tweak assistant needed extensions.


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