LinkedIn application for the iPhone completely renewed


It begins with the graceful animation that comes into view when the app is first began: LinkedIn is completely new for the iPhone (and&#one hundred sixty;Android ). The application does not even remotely reminiscent of its predecessor, which so far achieved three stars in 2788 after the Dutch App Store reviews. To play the page with news and updates on a more important connections, LinkedIn Groups are added and the menu looks a lot more playful off.


LinkedIn-new-iPhone The main menu is reached by clicking on the header. The page you are currently finds, reduces to one of the four sections in the main menu. These are updates, You, Inbox, and Groups & More. It is striking how frivolous the menu page looks like. Their own profile page, You, formatted as a badge you a scholarship to the neck wears, looks like a messy administratiemap Groups, the Inbox is an old fashioned letter and updates looks like
a stack of magazines.

The top bar is but one entrance to the main menu also features several buttons. In the top right corner you can anytime search for contacts in your network and the text links you can send yourself a status update. The profile page is the key place to access the settings.

LinkedIn-new-iPhone-2 Although LinkedIn is the update a lot more professional, easier and neater appearance, it offers (yet) the same functionality as the website. It is not possible to adapt your resume with the app, you can only find new people through the connections of others to view, you can not subscribe to groups and access to recommendations from others is not possible. It is clearly an application to participate LinkedIn view and not to edit. With that thought in mind, the app a
huge leap forward.

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