Liquidmetal Creator speaks about MacBook and extra


Liquidmetal is the ultimate time extra frequently within the information.&#a hundred and sixty;The&#a hundred and sixty;first article that you could read about Liquid Metal Spot had to do with the  Apple  iPhone 5. One analyst expected the new Apple iPhone gets a back made ​​of Liquidmetal. This should make a very scratch-resistant back that is also very light and can repair itself from dents.

In addition, you could yesterday on our website a wonderful concept design vision of a Liquid Metal iPhone 5.

The creator of Liquid Metal, Atakan Peker, ran an interview with Business Insider on Liquid Metal. According to him there is little chance that Apple MacBook comes with a Liquid Metal because the size of such device. It would be can be used in the somewhat smaller component.Thus, for example, already Liquidmetal currently used by Apple with the SIM slot. A unibody MacBook Liquidmetal would only be about two to four years can be realized. It's unlikely that liquidemetal is used on the Macbooks.

I expect Apple to use this technology in a breakthrough product [bringing] an innovative user interface and industrial design together, [which would be] difficult to copy or duplicate with other material technologies.

Given the size of Mackbook and scale of Apple products, I think it’s unlikely that Liquidmetal casing will be used in MacBooks in the near term. It’s more likely in the form of small component such as a hinge or bracket. A MacBook casing, such as a unibody, will take two to four more years to implement

Atakan Peker Liquidmetal expects that Apple will use a "breakthrough product". Liquidmetal also makes it harder for competitors to copy the appropriate device. Below you can read some answers from the interview. For the full interview you here right.


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