MacPaw company released a music player for the iPhone with an innovative interface mechanics . The application , called Listen, completely controlled by gestures. New primarily designed for use in the process of sports or driving.

Over a year as a hobby project has been downloaded Listen more than 400 000 times , and its developers have won the prestigious award The Next Web Award Ukraine. When you create a second version was decided to take all the best that was in the first version and add ponotsennoe library management , the developers say .

“In the end we got not just the controller to switch tracks , and a full player iTunes- library. We also added support for iTunes Match, so all your music has always been with you ” – stated in MacPaw.

Listen main screen consists of only one object – a circle with a picture album, which represents the current track . In order to switch the track , it is necessary to drag the circle forward or backward , and to mark the track to favorites need to make a move “up” gesture “down” music library opens.

For comfort and control in the car settings have unlock the screen and turn the inverse behavior of the ” sprawling “, and when you drag the circle in the corners of the screen track can send to AirPlay- compatible devices , or to talk about the track in the social networks. Listen created specially for iPhone or iPod touch, but it also is developing a version for iPad.

Listen Player can be downloaded for free [iTunes Link]

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