Lock4GLTE Tweak Forces The iPhone To Use 4G LTE Connection All The Time



4G LTE allows to trasmit the Internet data at high speed on the iPhone, automatically switches from 3G zones that are weak or unstable reception signal. This helps to reduce the load on the battery is connected with the need to support the connection, which usually provides faster data transfer. New tweak from Cydia allows LTE-lock connection to the iPhone has been configured to only 4G  network.

iPhone loses LTE for several reasons. Firstly, the operator may be limited cellular coverage. The site of each service provider’s cellular network coverage has a map of the fourth generation. Unfortunately, it is very relative and may not coincide with reality. Second, high-speed Internet disappears due to insufficient signal level. iPhone can not be in the right place, so that through the LTE network will be poor reception. For example, a user may be out of town or in a weak reception area (apartment, office, etc.).

That in such situations, the iPhone is not eager to switch to the normal 3G-connection and was developed Lock4GLTE. This tweak adds a control point iOS separate toggle switch, blocking the connection. One click – and the smartphone will connect at the highest speed. Naturally, in order to save battery power, it is advisable to use Lock4GLTE primarily in areas with poor reception signal. This will greatly reduce the time to reconnect to high-speed networks.



Lock4GLTE users can use the iPhone with jailbreak. Tweak available in Cydia for $0.99.

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