Lockscreen idea for iOS 7 Superior


lockscreen-cardsNo matter how simple and comfortable no matter iOS, there will always be frustrated users who say that progress for progress – is the only correct form of the development of any product. The purpose of Apple – to offer the most clear, accessible any housewife operating system for mobile devices, which you can use without resorting to the manual.

However, not everyone agrees with this approach. Not like that visually OS has not changed since 2007, when it was presented together with the original iPhone. Those icons on the desktop and dock panels, the same hours on the lock screen and slider “Slide to unlock”. UI designers continually looking for ways to improve the iOS, while retaining the familiar face of the system.


Thus, a user forum with the nickname The Verge brentcas proposed concept “Rethinking the Lockscreen“, designed to extend the functionality lockscreen. It consists of two parts: the active widgets and custom slider.


The primary innovation is referred to as Lockscreen Playing cards is a card or widgets which might be related to put in functions to your tool. They show helpful knowledge on the lock display, and swap between them with the “swap” gestures, by using analogy with computers iOS. Widgets work about as standard packages via protecting down the House button for a very long time, that you may put the cardboard in transfer mode, and double click on – for extra knowledge.

The 2nd innovation is designed to empower the slider. With the aid of default, iOS 6, it reasons the digital camera to take a photograph or video. As deliberate by using the clothier, the iPhone person will have to have the ability to make a selection which software you wish to have to open it with lockscreen such recorder or the shopper social community Fb.

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