Lollipop Android 5.0 preview, first impressions



We’ve been trying Android 5.0 Lollipop all weekend . Well, this is not the final version but this first impression has caused a major breakthrough in Android, a change that will take many months to see on all devices but gradually get used to it.

A few months ago Google Android let us see L, a preliminary version of which did not even know the name. This past Friday we could install on our Nexus factory image 5, the version of Android LPX13D and there are many changes.

Lollipop Android 5.0 preview: closer to the final version

Just install this near-final version of Android 5.0 is obvious that the design has changed. The appointed as Design Material already have been seeing here on time makes an appearance early on.

Animations, colors … this first version of Lollipop we already confirmed that version 5.0 compared to 4.4 KitKat be as large as 2.3 Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 jump. Android has caught a bit of all and looks great. Here we go with our first impressions of all changes Lollipop Android 5.0, preview.

Material Design from start to finish

As we say the visual change is certainly what most attention. We animations on every corner, to open applications, to enter menus, holding down icons on the navigation bar … has changed slightly, notifications, different applications. For instance the settings menu and the app drawer now has white background. At first it may take a little backwards but you get used quickly.

The sounds and wallpapers has also changed. We share a new menu and a new menu “open with”. In fact even before we get to the desktop and Material Design as income menus Gmail account and initial configuration have changed. We believe that most likely next year, Android users will begin to see KitKat and Holo with the same eyes we see now 2.3 Froyo or Gingerbread.

Multitasking and persistent Google search

The panel of multitasking and changed with the L Preview, now continued that path but perfecting it. The first change is that we now have the Google search bar on the panel also multitasking, which board to OK, reminds us that the Google search engine is tightly integrated into the system.


Lollipop also comes with the new version of Google Search where of course Material Design and several shortcuts to settings added. OK, Google works great on any screen but not yet in Spanish, something we hope to resolve soon.

Another detail about the panel is that multitasking is now persistent. What does this mean? Well, if you reboot the terminal, Android recall what were the last open apps. And finally, to enhance multitasking now Chrome beta no longer has tabs, but it is fully integrated into multitasking, a change that is very reminiscent to that Hera Project that was rumored a while.

Priority notifications and quick settings

Let the notification panel Lollipop Android 5.0. It has improved a lot. We will have two levels, one with rapid adjustments and if slipped down again we also appear notifications (could previously only see one of two at a time). The delete button appears all notifications in one corner. But there’s more.

Do Not Disturb option is added, but now we can choose the priority of notifications and select those that do want to appear to us and those that do not. To enable this we have to go to Settings <Sound and notifications <interruptions. The notification panel animations are superb. But that’s what we have said several times (and left). By commenting on a say that if we keep down in a notification regarding the application it appears to us.

In rapid adjustments now we finally have a dedicated flashlight button, more, to download extra apps. We will also have the battery indicator percentile in the notification bar. All options that save us time are welcome.

Regarding connectivity, we have added several development options related to WiFi and data. For now, the change from one to another is automatic. Now when the WiFi does not work we will automatically activate the data.

Lock screen, security and multi-user

Let the unlock screen. We can read notifications from this screen, also see the battery charge remaining by sliding left or right and go straight into the camera or contacts.

We've been trying Android 5.0 Lollipop all weekend . Well, this is not the final version but this first impression has caused a major breakthrough in

It continued with another of the most interesting developments of Lollipop, is the multi that after a few years (from JB 4.2) in tablets finally comes to Android smartphones. Its operation is very similar but has improved. We’ll have a direct access from the Quick Settings menu and we can configure it to block certain uses. Of course, we still have not shared applications.

Finally, Lollipop backup applications is introduced and finally export sessions previously have. What do you mean? Really easy, now when we go to install the system can not lose all the apps installed, something similar to what they already have many manufacturers but that did not stock Android.

Performance and Battery

Switching to ART is definitive, but those who took some time using it not going to notice big changes in fluidity. Yes it shows respect to the L Preview it still did not work fully. With this new Lollipop preview we have a system with no serious faults, where applications do not cause shutdowns and in general is very fluid. A fairly stable ROM and try that without more days, we believe that battery has improved slightly.

Besides saving battery mode that can activate when you want to add. Various processes are canceled, the processor speed will be lowered and now the navigation bar is an orange tone to warn us that we are saving mode.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Finally we want to affect one of the key issues when we have a new version of Android. The changes are applied not only at the surface level. Precisely Lollipop 5.0 allows us to create apps with Material Design and advantage over 5000APIs to create and integrate with the system in a more optimal way.

We are seeing these days as all Google apps are being passed to this new design. Only a matter of time that most of my writing-Material Design. Let’s take a brief look to finish these apps.

We started with the Calculator application. It is one of the most changes from KitKat, but we had already seen before. The Google Calendar app has not yet been updated, but we also have the AOSP version, whose design is almost identical now (not for long).

The contacts application now has a more uniform bluish, with avatars of circular floating names and various buttons. Yes, there is a significant detail is that sync with Google+ is not integrated force, good news for who they do not like.

The clock app is similar to KitKat but with a colorful dark blue background. But it also has a couple of details hidden as it changes with the time of day. The keyboard app has dark and light theme and can prove it through the APK. We also have the email app that is adapted to each other but we Material Design gives error. And finally there is music and messages; two services that are not even updated to KitKat Holo style and exemplify the huge difference between Android 5.0 and the first Lollipop Android designs.

And then comes the camera. Compatibility with RAW and other formats is added, but did not yet see in the app. Also we now have a new option for manual exposure, something we already have in most Android smartphones cameras but was not in the Google. We’ve tested and its operation is quite easy.

Conclusion: Android 5.0 long in coming but worth it

This preview already has a name. As we say, those that you have a Nexus or Nexus 7 May can try without fear of having the feeling of something unfinished. This is a full version, with a new design and many details. Currently the process for installation is more complex than wait for the official OTA but enjoyable, especially if you are Android enthusiasts and like to try out the latest. What I have today brought about first impressions are quite positive, but wait for the final version of Android 5.0 to bring you our analysis and user experience.

Easter Egg Lollipop is a fun back Flappy Birds and horrors we struggled to get a couple of points. Here the list of terminals upgraded to Android 5.0 we leave.

Patience, because there are still months to begin to get used to these changes. But thanks to new notifications and those almost hypnotic animations we have realized that we prefer to use this version before KitKat. We do not think Lollipop Android 5.0 is poised to become the biggest Android update to date.

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