Lost iPhone 5: San Francisco Police still relevant


The case of the misplaced iPhone 5 in a bar now takes extraordinary kinds. It has been mentioned that Apple staff had took place as San Francisco Law enforcement officials, after they needed to look the home the place the misplaced iPhone is supposedly positioned. If this is the case, they’d be responsible of an offense. In the meantime the topic once more completely different: a police spokesman admits that actual cops concerned within the subject – they simply should not performed the hunt.



The whole thing revolves around a lost iPhone 5, by an Apple employee was left in a bar / restaurant Cava 22 in San Francisco. Using the Apple site did an address to find out where the lost iPhone 5 should be on: it was the home of the 22-year-old Sergio Calderon Bernal Heights in the district. This man was on the night of the disappearance was indeed Cava 22. He also indicated that, when on a weekday at 18:00 pm a group of six people appeared at the door. It involved four men and two mourning that "a certain kind of badge" bore. They asked if they coul
d search the house. 
Calderón was happy, they examined the house, car and computer but found nothing. Then they would man a reward of $ 300 in the prospect asked if he would find the iPhone somewhere.

Initially, the impression arose that the police of San Francisco is not involved in the case had been, there was no sign of a declaration to find and also the fact that police officers had gone to a specific address, appears nowhere reported. Yesterday was the rumor sites as the impression that Apple researchers had occurred as police officers, which is a criminal offense. But new information from SF Weekly, makes it clear that police officers were involved in the affair. They walked back to the front door, but the two people who performed the search were from Apple.That the agents stood outside has probably to do with it, that they no official search warrant.

Police spokesman Lt.. Troy Dangerfield tries to set the record straight in a statement: "three or four" officers of the SFPD were deployed to two Apple security personnel to accompany an unusual quest in a house near Bernal Heights. The four policemen were in civilian clothes. Only two Apple employees would have gone inside, while the police officers remained outside.Calderon felt threatened by the police. They asked if all residents of the house had been an American citizen and threatened: "They said we are all in trouble would come." Calderón did just that his house be searched, has indeed to do that police officers were: "When she came to my house, they said they were from the SFPD," says the man. "I thought they were the San Francisco Police Department SFPD.That's why I let them inside. "

SF Weekly wonders why the event was not the standard has been fixed. Spokesman Dangerfield: "Apple came to us and said they were searching for a lost object. Plainclothes accompanied them to the house. What I understand is that they stood out. They escorted Apple only to the address. "But Calderón has made it clear none of those present to work for Apple. However, it was the phone that he was admitted after the search ends, to belong to Antholy Colon, a senior investigator at Apple.

Last year, Apple also got rid of a possibly iPhone 5, that got lost in a bar in Redwood City was left behind. This ended up at Gizmodo, who extensively photographed the iPhone. The two men took the phone and sold them, pleaded guilty recently in the case. Gizmodo and Gawker Media's parent company, avoid a penalty.


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