Low Cost iPad To Be Compatible With The Apple Pencil


March-27-Apple-eventA few days away from Apple special event on March 27, rumors about the possible presentation of new products, in which one of them is expected to be a low cost iPad, a new tablet that would replace the iPad 2017, a model of great success thanks to its low price.

The novelty could come hand in hand with compatibility with the Apple Pencil once the required screen technology could already have reached a good balance in terms of price and pace of manufacture. So says Ming Chi Kuo, who has a good record of successes in their forecasts, but also some glitches sounded.

Apple launched the iPad Pro with the main feature of being compatible with the Apple Pencil, and so far has resisted to support other models of iPad “no Pro”. But the maturity of the technology and the fact that the new iPad Pro could have other differentiated factors such as a frameless design or Face ID technology for identification of the owner would have made Apple already decided to universalize the use of the Apple Pencil.

Although we must resist making conjectures based on invitations to Apple events, because they really do not help, it is difficult to let go that the image is made with a trace that unequivocally reminds Apple Pencil. If we add that the Apple Pencil could be the perfect protagonist of an event aimed at the education sector, the result is that rumors about this compatibility with the new iPad 2018 will not stop appearing until the day in question.

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