Luca Todesco, a great hacker who has managed to jailbreak many versions of iOS, but is best known for not launching any tool with his signature. Yes it has helped other hacking teams on some isolated occasion by providing some exploits, but has never launched a jailbreak. This week, the famous hacker is news again, this time for advising us not to update to iOS 10.2 once the new version is released.

What is a fact, if we rely on Todesco tweets, is that iOS will take another important step in terms of security when iOS 10.2 is officially released. The famous hacker says that in the beta 5 of iOS 10.2 Apple has managed to close many exploits that could be used to create a tool that would allow jailbreak to our iPhone or iPad. Here are several tweets explaining that “staying on iOS 10.1.1 is a wise choice”.

todesco-ios-10-2-security-jailbreakingThe famous hacker Luca Todesco is not going to start increasing his fame by starting to launch tools that allow us to release our iOS devices, but Warns that it is much easier to jailbreak iOS 10.1.1 than iOS 10.2, so if you are waiting for a jailbreak, it is wise to stay in iOS 10.1.1. If the time comes to launch a tool for a more updated version, we can always update just before the jailbreak.

Reading Todesco’s tweets, what do you think? Do you think it’s going to launch or is collaborating with someone to launch a jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1?

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