Lumia 430 For $70: the most affordable smartphone ever created by Microsoft


Lumia 430

Microsoft introduces its new Lumia 430, a smartphone priced $70, making it the most affordable smartphone ever created by the Redmond company.

Weeks after starting the rumors, Microsoft has made official its Lumia 430, a new device with Windows Phone 8.1 (and soon with Windows 10) aimed at emerging markets and the lower end of the market today (the two pillars that currently support growth Windows in the mobile market).

To reach these markets, Microsoft has decided to launch the Lumia 430 at a price of only $70, making it really competitive. However, to achieve a low figure, the US company has had to make many sacrifices in the manufacture and construction of the device.

The first of these sacrifices is the processor. Microsoft has opted for the lower range currently offered Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHz 200. However, the performance offered by this SoC will be more than enough for most users to Target this smartphone.

The display has also suffered “cuts”. We are facing a panel of 4 inches with 800 x 480 pixel resolution (WVGA), which gives a density of 235 pixels per inch. Relatively affordable figures considering the $ 70 it costs to this device.

In the photographic section we also require: incorporates a 2 megapixel main camera (no flash LED) and a front VGA resolution. We just enough to take pictures at a super basic level.

Moreover, the Lumia 430 features a battery of 1500 mAh, a flash drive 8GB memory (expandable via microSD cards up to 128 GB and 30 GB gift OneDrive), two SIM card slots and the latest version of Microsoft operating system: Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim (upgradeable to Windows 10 when it is available).

This smartphone will be available throughout the month of April in various regions of the world. The price will vary depending on the market, though the base figure is $ 70 a really low amount that allows Microsoft to jump right into the war of the ultra-cheap smartphones.

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