Lumia 800 and 710 will she succeed to Nokia rescue?


The tried revival of Nokia occurred this morning at 10am and the adventure used to be vital sufficient to be talked about in our columns. This revival bears the names of theLumia Lumia 800 and 710 , two subsequent-technology smartphones designed through the producer and imagined to reinvigorate the corporate, previously chief of the moneymaking market of smartphones.



To understand what is at stake today, we must make good in the past. In 2006, Nokia was a giant smartphone. Unfortunately, the market share in this segment of the group collapsed from 50.8% in the release of the iPhone in 2007 and has continued to fall since. This launch new smartphone was therefore vital for the brand, a question of survival in short, in spite of rather positive quarterly resultsFor this, the group teamed up a few months ago to Microsoft in order to regain market share in smartphones, industry in
which the Finnish manufacturer has completely missed the turn, taking advantage of Apple and Samsung .

So this morning, Nokia introduced its new models in London, carrying either the operating system Symbian home, but the Windows Phone’s new partner.



The first, Lumia 800 (above) is available in black, fuchsia pink and cyan, and is ” oriented social networks  . “ It has a 3.7-inch AMOLED screen, a processor 1.4 GHz, a sensor 8 million pixels and a light lens (f / 2.2) stamped Carl Zeiss. GPS Nokia Maps Nokia says is “Nokia Drive,” but there are free route guidance and offline, after downloading prior mapping. Its price is estimated at around € 499 TTC in France (excluding subsidy).


The second device is presented Lumia 710. “It’s a functional smartphone, colorful and affordable,” says Nokia. It is intended “to users worldwide,” mean by that, “This is a smartphone for the general public. 

Stephen Elop, head of Nokia said: ” Eight months ago, we presented our new strategy. Today, we present the progress of this strategy. We innovate in all categories of our portfolio by developing new smartphones and mobile phones more and more functional.  I am very proud of these new devices, and Nokia employees who designed them.  “Of course these words reassured and have nothing to do with those delivered several months ago, which were in substance: “Nokia is an oil rig on fire (…)”.

Let us make no mistake, these two smartphones are there to attempt the rescue of the Finnish brand, clearly undermined by the iPhone and Android. If we like their design rather well to the editor (the 800 Lumia clearly think of a new generation iPod Nano), the big unknown is still the software part of these new smartphones. The Microsoft OS will he surprise us positively? Hopefully Nokia plays big, very big even …

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