Apple will quickly launch a brand new model of Mac OS X 10.7. Referred to as "Lion", the latter shall be launched round summer season 2011 and can convey quite a few main modifications , launched an AppStore Mac. Suffice to assert that this level is a very powerful as a result of it merely implies that Mac OS and IOS are destined to soften and mix. For sure, Apple didn’t cease stunning us and the information of the approaching months could also be very wealthy on the aspect of Cupertino. And for us it goes with out announcing …



But beware, because the Mac Touch is not for now. Steve Jobs has insisted on this point, he said the only valid on the Mac Touch is horizontal and thus at the level of input devices. And at the same time, we understand, touch screens are well suited to the game or surfing faster, but less on the job. Play on the iPad or use the touch  pad of the firm to meet his mail, it's more fun and enjoyable, but we see very bad writing a novel or even blogging from the device.

However, the launch of an AppStore for Mac is a much more attractive idea.When his first steps on a Mac, it is often very distraught and we era when long hours to find equivalent software that we use on Windows. Problem arises or frankly not on an iPhone or an iPod Touch or an iPad. The AppStore is without doubt one of the greatest inventions of the firm and therefore we understand why it wants to import it on his Mac. It will be possible to buy and download all the applications of their choice in one click, to automatically update and even to obtain licenses for all Macs in the house. Further note that the AppStore for Mac may be very beneficial to the finances of Apple.

Exposé, the Dashboard or Spaces are interesting applications, but little used. In my case, I must even admit that they always left me cold. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be an opportunity for Apple to merge all these tools just to form one: Mission Control. Note also that the pitcher will make a new entry on the operating system of the firm and it will be called LaunchPad.

Among the various features of Mac OS 10.7 Lion, we can cite:

  • A new interface (just look at the new iTunes to realize that something is up).
  • Launch of the AppStore for Mac.
  • Merger Talks tools, Dashboard and Spaces.
  • Appearance of a pitcher: LaunchPad.
  • And others certainly will land in the coming weeks.

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