It's been few days that each one Mac Developer Application contributors can play with Mac OS X Lion . What we have learned many things about him, like the fact that he will manage the TRIM and it will not work with Mac with a processor older than the Core 2 Duo . And inevitably, the crafty were told that this would still be a good idea to share on the torrent networks …


On paper, Mac OS X Leo seems rather promising. Certainly, there are concerns about the integration of certain functions from direct IOS, but do not forget the other innovations in the next operating system from Apple. We've talked about last Thursday but in my case, I must confess that Reprise, Auto Save, Mail 5 Versions and put me in appetite. Especially Reprise, however, and I think I am not alone in this case.

It is therefore understood that all those who have a Mac Developer account will be thrown over. Looking through my statistics, I also realized that you were a few to visit me from Mac OS X Leo, small band of rogues. In any case, he must still remember is that everyone can enjoy a developer account at Apple, since it is sufficient simply to pay 99 euros to enter the program.

In short, it is certain that there is nothing surprising about the fact that Mac OS X Lion is found on the networks underground at the time. Microsoft has already paid the price with its Vista and Windows 7, so it's almost become a habit. However, it should be noted is that the installation of this version is not without danger. Far from it even.

Based on initial feedback, it would appear that Mac OS X Lion not communicate well with Cupertino's servers. And if Apple realizes that you do not have an account on the Mac Developer, then there is a chance that it prevents you from proceeding further with your investigations. And there is the drama Jacques Pradel way because you have no other option but to switch back to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Suffice to say that if you use your Mac for work, may need to avoid playing the "early adopters".

M'enfin if some of you have taken the plunge, do not hesitate to slip us their first impressions and initial feedback.

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