Mac OS X Lion: a Safari Browser-Only Mode Similar to Chrome OS


The iOS 5 unveiled some new options in its beta 1 model, subsequently  Mac OS X Lion also have been know for months like "Restart to Safari" simalr to Chrome OS which allow the user to reboot the computer to a  browser-only mode rather than logging in.  According to MacRumors, a Mac laptop has rebooted in Safari-only mode.The first thing that comes to mind might be Chrome OS, but do you really go in that direction?


It seems that for now, is not going to be that the movement of Apple. Since then it seems rather to be a way to boot the system to be able to access internet whatever the system state . It also seems clear that it should be a good way to start when you're not going to use the computer.


There is still time for clearing doubts are gone, but the rumors about the possible development of a browser-based operating system from Apple have soared. But for now, internet access, if only to search Google how to fix a problem with the operating system could save many lives .

The Mac OS X Lion will be available in July and priced $29.99

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