Blow to all who’ve an older Mac. Certainly, now we have simply realized some very sad news : to take advantage of Mac OS X Lion , it will need a Mac to a minimum embedding a Core 2 Duo. Certainly, this is the case of all products currently available, but those who have not renewed their material since 2006 will probably be very bad. And for good reason … If they wish to enjoy the next version of Apple's operating system, they will simply buy a new Mac …


But that's not all. To function properly, Mac OS X Lion will need at least 2 GB of RAM. Suffice to say that to enjoy it, it is better to rely instead on the 4 GB just to be quiet. Suffice to say that those who have a MacBook Air basic configuration may wince at the news. Add more RAM on an iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro is not very complicated but for a MacBook Air, it's just impossible. Finally, at least for me, I did not venture.

Here, obviously, you have to say that this is not dramatic, it is rare to keep a bike for over 5 years and you will not necessarily wrong. A Geek, on average, will change all computer two years. At worst, every three years, and especially when it bump in the middle.That said, all Mac Users are not necessarily geeks. To go further, one might even say that everyone does not necessarily have the means to change the bike as often.

Note that this is not a criticism, all publishers operate any more or less the same way. When we were moved to Vista, to name him, we were likely to have to change some of our components . Same thing also for our devices. Finally, the issue of backward compatibility, it is Linux that is doing best, and this finding did not surprise many people eventually.

In short, anyway, if you must buy a new Mac today, make sure that it loads well at least 4 GB of RAM. Do not forget, in fact, that Mac OS X Lion land on the market next summer and it would still damage your shiny new Mac does not allow you to enjoy it in good conditions. Finally, we can say, however, is that those who do not want to change our computers will anyway just to Snow Leopard. After all, it works great, no?

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