The Mac OS X Lion used to be unveilled nowadays on the WWDC 2011 by using Apple senior vp Phil Schiller. It's anticipating to be to be had to the general public in July for $29.ninety nine. With the intention to improve to the Mac OS X Lion, Snow Leopard must be set up first. Earlier than going from now on, let's have a look at the OS X Lion options:

Mission Regulate : replaces Exposé, Dashboard and Areas, Exposé, Dashboard and Areas had been offered in Mac OS X Panther, Tiger and Leopard, respectively. 6 years later, Apple has felt the want to merge all this in a single view: Mission Keep an eye on, which lets in customers to view all open home windows, functions full monitor, widgets and areas.


Launchpad : Launchpad gives users quick access to all applications installed on the machine. Instead of having to navigate through "Applications folder" (folder Applications ), as always done so, now only have to open Launchpad. The new view also allows for better organization, group applications into folders, as we are used in iOS, and perhaps most importantly, save the state of the applications when they are closed and open them later.


New Mail Application (New Implementation of Mail): After sitting still for years, e-mail client for Mac (Mac OS X e-mail) finally got a major upgrade. In the e-mail folders are now displayed a cross on top, not the message on the left, showing a better preview and "conversations", allowing users to consolidate the messages of the same contact in one easy view.


Similarities with iOS ( Full-Screen Apps and Multi-Touch manager ): If you are finding all similar to Lion, iOS would not be the only one. Apple is taking this version of iOS and applying it to Launchpad Mac operating system, for example, is clearly the Mac version of Home Screen.


Application Improved App Store Purchases In-App , allowing Mac users to download applications from one convenient location and is now the # 1 source for buying software, ahead of Best Buy and Wal-Mart .

Versions : Versions is the Time Machine feature in the documents. This means that users can choose to "go back in time" to restore older versions of those documents from the application itself.


There are other improvements, as the tool Resume , a new technology that allows the computer to restart, while preserving the user state. That is, all applications that were open and the data stored inside, and keep a security copy when the system reboots.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Release

Mac OS X Lion will be available  downloadable only via at the Mac App Store for $ 29.99 , similar to Snow Leopard. This new operating system includes a 4 GB and will be available in July, as mentioned above.


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