Mac Os X Lion to be Released Tomorrow?


it's been a very long time that awaits him, this little rascal of Mac OS X Lion . After several beta, we even thought it was going to land early this summer but it is clear that we are firmly planted on this one. And for good reason, since we are now July 19 and that the lion has not yet begun to roar. The wait is beginning to be long but it is possible that everything works out soon. Indeed, from 9to5Mac , Mac OS X Lion … could be released tomorrow . And attention because it is not the only good news spread by rumors.


No, again according to them, it could be accompanied by the famous MacBook Air Sandy Bridge is expected for a while too!

For indeed, from 9toMac, the teams working for the program Apple Care are currently completing their training on Mac OS X Lion. And that's not all. If we are to believe our friends at MacRumors , the Apple Stores would also be in turmoil and the staff have received the famous and hard to quickly deploy the OS on all machines in the park. Note, moreover, to be a little more specific, that sending these drives would have started last week and are about to end as well.
So of course, all these events show is that the release of Mac OS X Lion is imminent, nothing more.


Final preparations are being cordoned off and the new operating system cabbage should logically follow in time, but you should probably ask you where does the precise date of July 20, right? Normal. Well to be honest, dear comrades, AppleInsider has advanced this date. And it's not the only information revealed. Also according to them, would benefit Apple to launch the famous MacBook Air "Sandy Bridge". A MacBook Air, which would incorporate an addition port Thunderbolt, as the last MacBook Pro and the latest iMac .

According to them, it could also offer native 4 GB of RAM and an SSD of 128 GB Again, from my point of view, it is more logical. Competition is fierce in the market for ultraportable, and Apple will have no choice but to give a serious boost to the entry-level model to stay competitive. Good for consumers, it goes without saying.

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