MacBook Air or MacBook Pro – rumors of ultra-thin 15-inch MacBook in Q2/2012


The Taiwanese information provider DigiTimes has once again asked to speak and the rumors about "ultra-thin MacBook with 15 inch" reheated. In the past we have repeatedly about such speculation and reports information from numerous sources of supply suggest that Apple is working on such a device. However, it should be available at the time only the new form factor, whether we will see in the near future, a completely redesigned 15 "MacBook Pro or a 15" MacBook Air is not yet known.


As the service sector reported to the production said to be preparing in full swing. Furthermore, Apple will have already received the first minor component manufacturer for an ultra-thin 15 "MacBook. It is also claimed that mass production will start in March and is scheduled to start selling the device for the second quarter of 2012.

In that report it says:

Upstream suppliers of Apple have recently started shipping a small volume of components for a 15-inch ultra-thin notebook model from Apple in November and the device could be either just a thinner MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. The new MacBook is expected to appear as early as the second quarter of 2012, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Presumably, Apple will change the entire look of the MacBook Pro line to the MacBook Air as far as possible, continue to focus on SSD storage, and remove the optical drive completely. However, Apple must provide for their professional customers even more disk space, so you might be given the choice between SSD and HDD hard disk storage are available. To ensure lower power consumption and better performance, the new Apple Intel Ivy Bridge will block processors.


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