In a couple of weeks in the past, Apple will almost certainly unveiled the brand new upcoming MacBook Professional to the general public. For a while, all indicators level to an early unlock. Already within the ultimate week verified that the brand new Ivy Bridge processors for April 29 and are available concurrently with the new MacBooks are on the market. This statement has now also of the Taiwanese industry publication D

According to his information, Foxconn will start production of 15-inch models in mid-April. 
First, however, first have a monthly capacity of 200,000 devices. In addition to the Ivy Brdige processor from Intel will show off the MacBook with a flatter housing and a retinal display. In June, then to the production of 13-inch MacBook Pros start and go with a bigger order at the start. Initially intended 300000-400000 units are produced. These models could then time for the WWDC 2012 and the new operating system OS X Lion Mountain on the market.

Apple, Which entered into the market of ultra-thin notebook with its MacBook Air, is also planning to adopt ultra-thin designs for its MacBook Pro product line and is set to start mass producing a 15-inch MacBook Pro in mid-April with initial monthly shipments of 200.000 units. The company will then mass produce a 13-inch model units in June, with initial monthly shipments of 300000-400000.

However, it remains to be seen whether Apple will abstain from the optical drive and the MacBook Pro by default set to the SSD drives


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